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THE PERFECT HUMAN DIET™ is the unprecedented global exploration for a solution to our epidemic of obesity and diet-related diseases - the #1 killer in America.  

In January 2013 the film became:

#1 Top-Selling Documentary
#1 Top-Selling Independent Film
Top 10 All Movies on iTunes USA & Canada

and #1 Documentary on Amazon 

Also available on DVD: Now Close Captioned. Subtitled in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Plus 67 Minutes of Extra Features. Plays Worldwide. 

Watch the Official Film Trailer now!

This film, by broadcast journalist C.J. Hunt, bypasses current dietary group-think by exploring modern dietary science, previous historical findings, ancestral native diets and the emerging field of human dietary evolution - revealing for the first time, the authentic human diet. Film audiences finally can see what our species truly needs for optimal health and are given a practical template based on scientific facts.

Featuring: Lane Sebring M.D., Robb Wolf, Gary Taubes, Loren Cordain Ph.D., Michael Eades M.D., Barry Sears Ph.D., Prof. Jean-Jacques Hublin, Dr. Jay Wortman, Leslie Aiello Ph.D., Andrew Weil M.D., Boyd Eaton M.D., David Getoff CCN and many more. 90 Minutes. DVD in NTSC and PAL on Amazon UK.

COMING IN SPRING 2015 our New site:

"The Health and Life you Deserve"

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